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about us - An Integrated Business Portal For SUCCESS Achievers


  1. To develop a "Search Easy Information Portal" for each and every personal requirement of end user includes any Product Information, any Property Information, Professional Service Information and General Service Information. Since 90% of people depending on search engines to access any information related to above categories using internet. So Buildeeji has developed a complete quality, secured and verified website named
  2. is a Web Portal that provides Integrated Business Information in the areas like Product, Property, General Services, Professional Services. providing a new way to list Client business information with single profile setup and new way of searching capability to end users.

  3. Buildeeji is Providing 4 Different Independent Categories:
  4. a. Product / Trader: Clients under these areas(E.g. Manufactures, Traders, Retailers, Wholesalers, Dealers, Mini-Wholesalers, Importers, Exporters etc.) can be able to list their business information for better business growth.

    b. Property: Clients under these areas (E.g. Land or apartment or independent house or villa's Dealers/Agents/Owners etc.) can list their property for sale.

    c. Professional Services: clients under these areas ( Health care, Law, Entertainment, Education, Science & Technology etc.) can be able to list their professional services information for better career growth.

    d. General Services: Clients under these areas (E.g. Home Repair services, Installation services, Cleaning services, Travel Services, Pest control services etc.) can be able to list their service information for better business growth.

    So's mission is to organize an integrated business information and make it universally accessible.

  5. And also as mentioned above, with single profile setup a business client can acquire several benefits like Digital marketing Services for any business listing, Independent website etc. Any Business requirements of any Client posts under buildeeji's unique Opportunity Feature.

  6. All Buildeeji Services Here!!

  7. Buildeeji Unique Benefits For Clients & End users
  8. a. Opportunity Feature
        In this feature any client can post their business requirements like Staff requirement, Material Requirement, Jobs etc. So that , with this feature, both client as well as user can fulfill their needs.

    b. Hot Deals Feature
        With this Hot Deals option, any client will post their property for quick sale.

Company History was founded in the year 2015, Located in Hyderabad, Telangana, 500072, and scheduled live operations in the year 2017, LLC Company founded and executed by Mr. Lakshmi Narayana

Unique about buildeeji

Buildeeji Clients:

  • Build your trader profile easy
  • Build your Service profile easy
  • Build your Professional profile easy
  • Build your real estate/property profile easy

Finally Make it Easy, It's Eeji

Buildeeji Users:

  • Search for any verified product easily
  • Search For any verified service easily
  • Search for any verified professional easily
  • Search for any verified property easily

Finally Make it Easy, It's Eeji

Buildeeji's Mission

Buildeeji's mission is to organize an integrated business information and make it universally accessible, Organized Information in the areas of a Product, Property, Professional Services and even General Services to each and every end user in a fascinated way .