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   Sirin Sam

   D-1/10, M.I.D.C., Chinchwad Pune-411019 Maharashtra, India

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Product: Finolex Casing Pipes
Model No: Not Specified
Brand: Finolex Pipes
Current Price: Rs 500 /-
Sizes: M
Reviews: 0 Reviews

Finolex Pipes are Lead Contaminant Free leading to superior quality Finolex Pipes is a fully backward integrated manufacturer with complete control of raw material used to generate unbeatable quality Finolex is India's first PVC-U Pipes manufacturer to get the coveted IS/ISO 9001:2008 certification and is continually improving manufacturing processes Established in 1981 with 35 years of rich heritage and continually featured in Economic Times Top 100 Brands.


Unit Pipe Length: Customized
Features: Polished

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