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   Akshay Yelve

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Product: Portland Slag Cement
Model No: Not Specified
Brand: JSW Cement
Current Price: Rs 350 /-
Sizes: M
Reviews: 0 Reviews

PSC Portland slag cement is a blended cement. As per IS 45-2015, PSC can be produced by Adding 25-70% of slag with clinker and gypsum. PSC is Produced using superior quality slag produced from the steel plant which confirm to IS: 12089. Slag is a high glass, non-metallic Product Containing Silicate and Alumino-Silicates of lime. The slag produced contain more than 90% glass content. BF slag is the product from the controlled process of iron production which results from a uniform composition. Whereas in the case of Portland pozzolana cement Quality of fly ash from ESP widely Varies. PSC is made by state of art vertical roller grinding Mill (VRM). Therefore the fineness and microstructure can be controlled, and consistent quality is attainable. Some of the major advantages of JSW PSC: Reduced thermal cracks due to lower heat of hydration as compared to OPC Reduced shrinkage cracks as compared to OPC, PPC Improved workability and smooth finish Improved cohesion Better resistance against .


Grade: PSC
Packaging Size: 50 Kg Bag ; Bulk

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