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   Akshay Yelve

   JSW Centre, BKC, Bandra East, Mumbai - 400051, Maharashtra, India

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Product: Concreel HD Cement
Model No: Not Specifiec
Brand: JSW Cement
Current Price: Rs 400 /-
Sizes: L
Reviews: 0 Reviews

Application of JSW Concreel HD: JSW Concreel HD is an ideal product for all kind of concreting works. However, Concreel HD can be used right from foundation to plastering. Major Applications of Concreel HD: All RCC structures, especially slabs, beams, and columns RCC footing, foundation for bridges and underground constructions RCC works in high water table areas and marshy lands RCC water tanks and effluent treatment plants Pile foundations and pile cap Mass concrete work in dams, spillways, canals, expressways etc. All other generalized construction requirements.


Type: CHD (Concreel HD Cement)
Packing size: 50 Kg Bag

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