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    Jitendra Patel

   Piglipur, Hayathnagar, Kothaghoda Chowk, Vijaywada High way,Hyderabad-501 506, Andhra Pradesh, India

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Product: Industrial Compound Wall
Model No: Not Specified
Brand: Not specified
Current Price: Rs 100 /-
Sizes: M
Reviews: 0 Reviews

We are a leading company engaged in manufacturing and supplying an extensive range of Industrial Compound Wall. These are available in various designs and sizes as per the requirements of our customers. These are widely used in various industries and are well known for their long life and reliable nature. In addition, we also assure safe and timely delivery of our products..


Material: Concrete
Built Type: Modular Build, Prefab Build
Plank width: 2 inches
Plank height: 1 feet
Plank length: 7 feet
Beam size: 6 x 6 inches (150 mm x 150 mm)

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