Hi Spread Adjuvants

    HI Spread is an organosilicone based super-spreader designed specifically for the application of contact and systemic crop protection products. HI Spread is a blend of organosilicon and other organic fluids formulated to not only give super - spreading properties on plant foliage ,but also to improve the retention and deposition of spray droplets on all plant surfaces.

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Agro Chemicals

    We are leading suppliers of Agrochemicals ( Fungicides, Insecticides, Pesticides, Rodenticides, Viricides, Bactericides, Fumigants, Weedicides & Herbicides etc)

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Alsta Hydrogel

    ALSTA® HYDROGEL is a potassium based cross linking hydrogel polymer that can potentially influence soil permeability, density, structure, texture, evaporation and infiltration rate of water through the soil. ALSTA® HYDROGEL particularly reduces the irrigation frequency and compaction tendency, it stop erosion and water runoff and increase the soil aeration and microbial activity.

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