Motorized Sliding Gate

    Motorized Sliding Gate is very convenient and efficient gates which operate electrically and can be opened and closed remotely, without having to physically move the gate by Hand. Conventional Sliding Gates are gates which use a ground mounted track for the gate wheels to move on. Tracked sliding gates can span larger opening widths. Optionally a pedestrian gate can build.

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Automatic Sliding Gate

    We are offering Automatic Sliding Gate to our client.

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Cantilever Sliding Gate

    Engineered to meet the extreme demands of large openings, BGI's heavy-duty Cantilever Sliding Gate have been supplied with spans of up to 30 meters to close 60 m wide border crossings. The gate moves over steel roller bearings fitted on a carrying frame, which allows the wing to hover above the ground and move across sloping or uneven surfaces without the need for a track.

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