Step Drill

    In order to impart superior running and drilling function we have developed high precision Step Drill. Our step drills are known for their enhanced performance & durability in all diverse working conditions. To get good step drills, they are properly hardened and grounded to provide longer life and maximum working accuracy to the tools.

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Solid Carbide Drill

    We offer Solid Carbide Drill, which have 55 HrC hardness.

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Industrial Subland Drill

    We are amongst the best Industrial Subland Drill manufacturer and supplier in the country at a very competitive rate. These precision-constructed & custom Subland Drill range gives the benefit of two drills at a time and eases a lot of works at industrial level.

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Solid Carbide Slitting Cutter

    We manufacture Solid Carbide Slitting Cutter and mica cutter cutters that are being variously used in different industrial for slot applications. These cutters offer high tolerance & optimal chip breaker design with abrasion resistant edge. They are treated under controlled conditions to increase the cutting edge rigidity. We offer these in different types as per client’s need & machine compatibility.

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Coolant Fed Drill

    Through Coolant Fed Drill high performance drill is designed to give outstanding accuracy and to achieve better efficiency and cost reduction. Through coolant solid carbide high performance drill has longer and stronger blades and their wave edges are best suited for chip mounting. They also provide excellence to the strength of the insert and are available for re-cutting, if necessary.

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