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About Creative Trunk Interiors:

  Creative Trunk Interiors was established in 2016. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of decorative Gel, Wax candles, Electrical Diffusers, Vaporisers, Candle holders and essential oils. 

The Aroma candles are made of the highest quality, which is what our customers, who are looking for unique special gift products, come to expect and deserve. A year spent researching, developing and testing resulted in the creation of our exquisite fragrances which we hope you will find truly memorable. Only the best quality blends of Essential Oils are used in the production of our fragrances and are sourced from all over the world.

 Every fragrance in our collection has been designed to cater for a time of day, a mood or season– there really is a fragrance and product for all tastes.

 Each fragrance in our range has its own unique 'mood enhancing' offering, and they have been carefully designed to ensure the perfect balance of top, middle and base notes. Our candles are highly scented, clean burning and designed to last.

 We use the finest wax blend, strongest most delightful essential oils, and lead free wicks to produce exceptional candles. All our candles are hand mixed, hand poured, and hand labelled.

 We believe in perfection and feel we have achieved it in our candles. Our wax is very smooth and creamy allowing for heavy Aroma oil saturation. Even unlit, our candles smell divine in a room. Our selection of colours, styles, and fragrances are hard to beat.

 We wholesale candles at discounted prices giving retail stores an edge over the competition.
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