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About Our Team

The team is our most important asset and the main reason for our success. Our team consists of highly qualified specialists, who, by working in close collaboration, provide our clients the best service and solutions.

Our team's high proficiency level of expertise has garlanded scalable reputation as a world-class provider for Software solutions, satisfying the demands of our clients with advanced technologies to face any challenges at any level of complexity. The reliability of every member of our team gives our customers the confidence that they will always receive the best quality service on time and on budget.

We are committed to achieve consistency as well as highest standard of excellence in Product Quality & Services in the areas it represents. The customer-centric company also stands for Trustworthiness, and Timely Delivery while complying with all statutory and regulatory requirements.

Lakshmi Narayana

Executive Director

G. Srinivasulu

Sr. Software Engineer

G. Shiva Krishna

Sr. Software Engineer

P. Priyanka

Software Engineer

M. Venkatesh

Software Engineer

M. Jyothi

Digital Marketing Analyst

V. Venkata swami

Data Analyst

Gopal Rao

Business Development Officer

K. Pavani

Software Engineer